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Solutions to promote personal and organizational well-being

The approach by Blumantra​


Blumantra’s approach involves three moments of intervention, consecutive to each other. 

An initial phase of “Analysis and Strategy” during which to understand well-being needs, establish intervention priorities and prepare a plan with the main actions; a subsequent phase, which we called “Training and Events”, in which moments of meeting and training opportunities create awareness and direct people’s behaviors towards a lifestyle and attitudes oriented towards wellbeing. Only in a third moment, therefore, is the “Support & Services” phase, where initiatives dedicated to improving the well-being, energy and balance of collaborators are planned.


Analyze and understand needs to establish collaborator priorities


Create awareness and guide choices and behaviors


Offer support to improve health, energy and balance

1 / Understand needs and establish priorities

2 / Create awareness and guide choices and behaviors

3 / Offer support to improve health, energy and balance

corporate wellbeing

& Strategy

Analyze and understand For a well-structured and effective intervention, you must first analyze and understand.

Would you start constructing a building without a good project and with the risk of not considering all the elements needed to obtain the desired result?

This is what can happen when the company addresses the issue of well-being in the company: new services aimed at employees are launched without first having thoroughly analyzed and understood their needs and the real priorities for intervention.

A specific analysis and a solid wellbeing strategy are the basis of a well-structured project capable of achieving the set objectives.

Wellbeing & Workplace Survey

Analysis of Services Offered​

Corporate wellbeing plan

corporate wellbeing

& Events

Developing soft skills in the company through robust and well-structured training programs is a widespread and consolidated practice among successful companies.

Sensitivity to one’s health, both physical and mental, is growing greatly in society and is particularly felt by the new generations. 

This is also why corporate training is moving towards the development of more “transversal” skills, capable of enhancing the emotional component and orienting choices and behaviors towards a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Our training proposals include: balanced nutrition, active living, correct posture, good management of one’s emotions, anxiety and stress, usable through internal events, outdoor team building solutions, webinars and classrooms.

Events that create engagement and awareness

Webinars and Workshops


corporate wellbeing

& Services

After understanding the needs of employees and creating awareness through training, it is time to provide them with some dedicated services.

The wellbeing services dedicated to collaborators are the “gym” that the company offers to practice, even during work, what creates energy and balance.

This is the case, for example, of company canteens and restaurants where the meal is designed by professionals to ensure the necessary nutrients with light and balanced dishes. Or when it comes to services aimed at reducing a sedentary lifestyle, improving posture to prevent pain or providing support in emotional and psychological aspects.

The choices that the company makes in corporate services are an important tool to support its collaborators in promoting health, maintaining a good balance and creating a pleasant and motivating environment.

Nutrition in the company

Movement and posture in the company

Other Services for the Wellbeing of collaborators

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