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Feeding on health:
global wellness project.

I nostri servizi messi in campo

Abbiamo progettato e svolto un “Health & Lifestyle Assessment
rivolto al team Nike attraverso questionari digitali. Gli esiti del questionario sono stati utili per evidenziare gap e aree di intervento successive.

Health & Lifestyle Assessment

Analysis of corporate services and corporate wellbeing plan with new services built around the company’s core business.

Health & Lifestyle Assessment

Internal communication support for the launch of the program, We have defined the “core-message” to communicate internally the initiative and the advantages for those who would have participated. Among the tools, a short video was made, a poster to present the training sessions and the topics covered, an invitation message for the presentation of the program.

Health & Lifestyle Assessment

Classroom training on energy and balance, balanced nutrition, physical movement, positive mental attitude and stress management with the contribution of psychologists, personal trainers and nutritionists.

“Investing in the welfare, well-being and health of its employees is not only right from an ethical-social point of view but also generates an economic return for the company that many studies on the subject have now ascertained. A strategic lever to improve organizational well-being and economic performance.
There is always talk of working in a team, retaining talent, having a goal, managing generational turnover, motivating people but concepts such as stress management, resilience, attention, memory, empathy, calm and awareness must also become mantras for directors HR today.
Personally with Blumantra staff I have had excellent results in this regard! “

Romano Reffo, HR & Safety Manager
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